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We are not just another Aesthetic Surgery Centre!

Our aim is to provide safe, affordable, ethical cosmetic surgery treatment as per international standards and protocols.

CosmoSurg is one of the clinics dedicated solely to cosmetic surgery with the facilities like alter image, in house massage therapist, medical tourism department etc. Most of the major procedures will be done in a JCI [USA] accredited hospital considering safety of the client.

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Safe . Affordable . Ethical

As per international standards & protocols.

Aesthetic surgery of the face

  • Hair transplantation for scalp, beard, moustache, eyebrow baldness by FUE and FUT method
  • Brow lift (forehead lift, endoscopic and traditional)
  • Blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation)
  • Rhinoplasty [nose correction]
  • Surgical face and neck lift, Thread lift
    Otoplasty (prominent ear correction)
  • Lip reduction, lip augmentation
  • Dimple creation
  • Alloplastic augmentation-chin/cheek augmentation using implants
  • Fat grafting-add volume by transfer of fat to face, breast, genitilia, gluteal area etc
  • Cosmetic surgery for post cleft lip surgery patients-nose correction, lip revision, moustache hair transplant etc.

Aesthetic surgery of the genitalia

  • Hymenoplasty
  • Vaginal tightening
  • Pubic liposuction
  • Labia reduction
  • Rejuvenation of aging genitalia
  • Penile length/breadth increase surgery

Aesthetic surgery of the breast

  • Gynecomastia correction [Surgery for the male breast enlargement]
  • Breast augmentation [Breast enlargement surgery]
  • Breast tightening [Mastopexy]
  • Reduction mammoplasty [breast reduction]
  • Inverted nipple correction

Membership & Accreditations

  • International society of aesthetic plastic surgery [USA] [www.isaps.org]
  • Indian society of aesthetic plastic surgery [www.iaaps.net]
  • Indian society of plastic surgery [www.apsi.org.in]
  • Indian society of hair restoration surgery [www.ahrsIndia.com]
  • Indian society of cosmetic laser surgery [www.acls.in]
  • Karnataka medical council/Medical council of India

Aesthetic procedures for body contouring

  • Liposuction-abdomen, thigh, flanks, back, breast, chin etc
  • Abdominoplasty [tummy tuck], mommy makeover
  • Chest/buttock, calf augmentation using implants/fat grafting
  • Post weight loss surgery-post bariatric/post weight loss like Brachioplasty (arm tuck),
  • Upper body lift, lower body lift, thigh tucking, buttock lift, total body lift.

Other aesthetic surgery procedures

  • Revision surgery-hair transplantation, nose surgery, faces lift surgery, scar revisions, breast augmentation, reduction, gynecomastia revisions, liposuction, Tummy tuck revision etc.
  • Scar treatment-post burn, post-traumatic, post acne, post chicken pox scars-surgical revision, Expander treatment, dermabrasion etc
  • Unwanted tattoo removal
  • Minimal incision procedures like lipoma excision, cyst excision, mole excision etc.
  • Endoscopic surgery-facial swelling excision, breast swelling excision, correction of divarication etc

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I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that.

-Scarlett Johansson



Gynecomastia surgeries, rhinoplasty,


Treatment for aging skin, breast reduction and augmentation


Liposuction, abdominoplasty &
all other cosmetic surgery procedures.

frequently asked questions

I heard many stories of cosmetic surgery going wrong/can this happen to me also?

By doing the right procedure, by well qualified surgeon, in centre with good facility, complications can be avoided.  Can go through ISAPS USA SAFTEY GUIDELINES for more details.

Go through the consent form thoroughly before the surgery, get all the details before the surgery and keep the realistic expectations.

Can I see the result next day/few days?

Most of the cases it will take about 3 months ,however few cases where there is thicker skin may take up to one year.

Will there be always implants/artificial materials with cosmetic surgery?

No, not always.

Can the surgery cost be claimed from insurance company?

No, however if there is any medical issues, part of it will be covered like tummy tuck with ventral hernia, rhinoplasty with nose obstruction etc.

Will there be any scar after the cosmetic surgery?

Scar will be there, however the incision will be made, most of the time in hidden areas i.e. rhinoplasty inside the nose, tummy tuck inside the inner wear, breast in infra mammary crease etc.

Most of the people the scar will fade away after 1 year. Rest of the people by antiscar treatment scars can be reduced.

Can I see the after surgery results before with any software?

Few surgeries like rhinoplasty, chin augmentation etc can be seen, however we may not get that kind of result in reality.

Can this surgery be done on day care basis?

Most of the procedures yes, however few cosmetic surgery procedures may require 1-2 days of hospital stay.

Can I come alone/or someone else required?

If the age is more than 18 years, most of the procedures no attendants will be required.

Can the surgery payment be done in instalments?

As of now my centre, there is no such option.

Can you give 100 % guarantee about the result?

Most of the people will get good result or improvement will be there. However better to research/know more about each procedures/expected result before the surgery.

I saw the add about cheap cosmetic surgery, can this be done here?

Cheap is not always the best.

Safety of the person is important/well equipped centre is more important so that t the surgeon will be in a better position to tackle complications if any.

Will there be too much pain?

Most of the procedures pain will be tolerable/minimal; can start the work after few days.

Better pain relief measures available now.

Pain also depends on the person. Well prepared person will tolerate the pain better.

How long will the benefits last?

Depends on the procedure. However  most of the procedures results are long lasting if a healthy weight/overall healthy life style is maintained.

What will be the recovery time after cosmetic surgery/how soon I can start my work?

Depends on the procedure. Most of them start work after few days. Tummy tuck kind of surgery will need longer recovery of about 3 weeks to a month.

Any tests required before the surgery?

Depending on the age/medical issues few tests will be done few days before the procedure. Cosmetic surgery procedures will be done on a fit person/or if there is any medical issues, will be done once the medical issues are controlled.

Can I see few before and after photos/can I get few references so that I can talk to them?

As we are following JCI protocol, to protect privacy, in general photos will not be shown/phone numbers cannot be shared. However if the operated person is willing to share, can be shown with request.

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